Virtual graveyard

This page will be devoted to the fate of certain monumental inscriptions that have now disappeared or deteriorated

Gravestone of Charles and Mary Ann Riddle, churchyard of Ampthill, Beds Photo taken in about 1930 Made of inferior sandstone, the inscription was totally illegible by 1980 and the stone has now fallen over completely

Sutcliff Baptist Church, Olney, Bucks Churchyard in 1984 compared to early 20th century Some gravestones have been placed around the outside wall

Nunhead Cemetery: this grave of my great great great grandparents, Mary Brannan "of Bideford, Devon" d. 1853, and Thomas Brannan, d. 1868, and the grave of some of their descendants below, were bulldozed by Southwark Council in about 1980 to make way for a little-used footpath in a so-called "nature reserve".

Gravestone of Ann Brannan, daughter of Nicholas and Ann Brannan, died 1798, Bideford. After 2 centuries of weather and vandalism the stone finally fell over and has been taken inside the church.